Consumer Bill of Rights

 As a recipient of home medical equipment services from a licensed provider, you are entitled to be informed of the following Rights and Responsibilities.  You have the right:

  1. To obtain home medical equipment services from a qualified provider currently licensed and in good standing with the Alabama Board of Home Medical Equipment Services Providers and in compliance with the Medicare Supplier Standards attached to this Consumer Bill of Rights.
  2. To select those who provide you with home medical equipment services and to receive reasonable coordination and continuity of services from the referring agency.
  3. To receive clear and current contact information from your provider.  Out of state providers must provide you with written contact information at the time the services are rendered, including a toll-free telephone number, physical address and hours of operation, through which you may obtain repairs, supplies and other services required to use or maintain the equipment.
  4. To receive a timely response from your provider when services are needed or requested and to be fully informed in advance about the services to be provided, the availability of financial resources and the policies and procedures of your health care provider.
  5. To be safe from the promotion or sale of unnecessary services or equipment.
  6. To participate in the development and periodic revision of your health care program, which is designed to satisfy your current health care needs.
  7. To be provided with adequate information from which you can give your informed consent for the commencement of service, the continuation of service, the transfer of service to another health care provider, or the termination of service.
  8. To receive manufacturer’s information, education and instruction regarding the maintenance, use and repair of the home medical equipment provided, including how to obtain assistance and repair of the equipment if the provider can no longer provide service.
  9. To obtain emergency services/care when medically necessary.
  10. To be informed privately and confidentially of the charges for service, including eligibility for third party reimbursement, such as Medicare, and any charges for which you will be responsible, in advance of the receipt of such service and to be given assistance in completing all necessary forms to receive those services.
  11. To have claims for reimbursement from third party payors developed and submitted in a complete and accurate manner and in compliance with applicable state, federal and private healthcare billing practices.
  12. To be provided with legitimate identification by any person who enters your residence to provide home medical equipment services or who calls you regarding such services.
  13. To receive the appropriate or prescribed service in a professional manner without discrimination relative to your age, sex, race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual preference, psychosocial state, physical or mental handicap, or personal cultural and ethnic preferences.
  14. To receive information regarding available patient support services, including assistance in a language you can understand or the services of an interpreter for the hearing impaired.   
  15. To be promptly informed if the prescribed care or services are not within the provider’s scope, mission, or philosophy and to obtain assistance in transferring to an appropriate care or service organization.
  16. To be treated with friendliness, courtesy and respect by the provider’s agents and employees and to be free from mental, physical, sexual, and verbal abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  17. To have your confidentiality, privacy, safety, security and property respected by your provider at all times.
  18. To request and receive complete and up-to-date information relative to your condition, treatment, alternative treatments and risks of treatment within the legal boundaries of medical disclosure.
  19. To refuse care and services within the boundaries set by law and to receive professional information regarding the potential consequences of the refusal to accept care or service.
  20. To request and receive the opportunity to examine or review your medical and home healthcare records.
  21. To express concerns or grievances to your home care service or the state authority governing home care service providers or recommend modifications to your home care service or the provider’s staff without fear of coercion, discrimination, reprisal or unreasonable interruption of care and services.  The Medicare hotline number is 1-800-633-4227.
  22. To receive information regarding your rights under state law to formulate an advance directive for your health care, such as a Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care or a Do Not Resuscitate order.
  23. To expect that all information received by your provider shall be kept confidential and shall not be released without your written consent.
  24. The right to review your provider’s Privacy Notice.
  25. The right to revoke any previous consent for release of medical information or for obtained consent for media recording or filming.
  26. To be involved, as appropriate, in discussions and resolutions of conflicts and ethical issues related to your care.
  27. To be informed of any experimental or investigational studies that are involved in your care and to be provided the right to refuse to participate in such studies.
  28. To expect that your wishes for pain management will be respected and supported and that pain related to the care/services provided will be recognized and addressed appropriately.




1.   To give the provider accurate information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations and medications and to report unexpected changes in your condition to your physician and/or provider.

2.   To inform your provider of your equipment/supply usage history.

3.   To review the provider’s and/or manufacturer’s safety booklets and actively participate in maintaining a safe environment in your home.

4.   To request additional information on any operational aspect of delivered equipment you do not fully understand.

5.   To use rental equipment with reasonable care, without alterations or modifications, and to return the equipment in good condition (normal wear and tear excepted).

6.   To promptly report any malfunctions, damage or defects in equipment to the home medical equipment provider so that repair/replacement can be arranged.

7.   To use the equipment for the purposes so indicated and in compliance with the physician’s prescription.

8.   To adhere to your provider’s plan of service.

9.   To permit the provider access to all equipment for repair/replacement, maintenance and/or pick-up.

10. To keep the equipment in your possession and control and at the address to which it was delivered, unless otherwise authorized by the provider. 

11. To notify the provider of any hospitalization or change in your health insurance, address, telephone number, physician or prescribed use and to further notify the provider when the medical need for any rental equipment no longer exists, including when you are admitted to a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

12. To request that payment of authorized Medicare, Medicaid, or other private insurance benefits be paid directly to the provider for any services rendered.

13. To accept financial responsibility for all home medical equipment furnished by the provider, including any equipment that is lost or stolen while in your possession, or for which your insurance company does not pay.

14. To pay for the replacement cost of any equipment damaged, destroyed, or lost due to misuse, abuse or neglect.

15. To modify the rental equipment only with the prior written consent of the provider, recognizing that any authorized modification shall belong to the titleholder of the equipment, unless the equipment is purchased and paid for in full.

16. To understand that title to the rental equipment and all parts shall remain with the home medical equipment service provider at all times unless the equipment is purchased and paid for in full.